10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 1

There can be a real pain of wisdom teeth. These teeth serve no purpose in our mouth. You may not believe it that it does not happen with every individual that these small things emerge at the wrong place. In this world, some lucky people do not have these wisdom teeth, and they do not suffer from their pain. The third molars in our mouth are called wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth appear at the age between 18 to 25 years.

Through this article, you would get some remedies to get rid of the pain that is caused by wisdom teeth. Check out the list of medications below.

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Warm salt water

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 2

Take some lukewarm water and mix some salt in it and rinse the mouth with salty water. The salty water will give instant relief to toothaches because salt is a natural disinfectant. It is the first aid step usually recommended by the doctors. The person needs to rinse his mouth for a few minutes with salty water. You should repeat this process for 4-5 times a day. It is a straightforward and effective remedy.

Baking soda paste

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 3

Due to wisdom teeth, there is usually a severe swelling in the mouth. During the swelling, you can use baking soda to rescue from this problem. You need to add some baking soda to your regular toothpaste and directly apply the paste on the wisdom teeth. It will help you to get relieved from the pain only in a few minutes.

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Apply ice

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 4

To cure any swelling ice is the first thing to use in the area. Where there is the pain in your mouth, use an ice pack on the field. When you feel severe pain, use an ice pack for several times a day. With applying ice, you can get rid of inflammation and swelling.

Vanilla extract

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 5

Most of you thought that vanilla is used to make yummy shakes. We are sharing the best benefit of vanilla with you to get rid of the pain. You would be glad to know about the many qualities of this ingredient. You can also use vanilla extract to get rid of the pain of wisdom teeth. Take the cotton swab and put a few drops of vanilla extract on it and then keep the cotton on the teeth for about 15 minutes. After using it for a few minutes, you will realize that the pain started reducing.


10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 6


For an ailing tooth, many doctors prescribe Benzocaine. You should apply this ointment directly to the affected tooth. Before using this gel, you should first clean the area.

Tea bags

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 7

You can use various kinds of tea bags to get rid of the pain which is due to the wisdom tooth. Black tea offers you the dual benefits. You can drink warm tea to reduce swelling and use the tea bag directly on the wisdom tooth to minimize the pain.


10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 8

Even our grandparents recommend us cloves. You have to keep the whole clove on the aching tooth. You can also use clove oil on the cotton swab. Mix a few drops of the olive oil with clove oil if the flavor of cloves is robust. The anesthetic properties of cloves help in numbing the affected area and the antibacterial properties stop the field to get infected.

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Turmeric mouth wash

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 9

Turmeric is recommended for wisdom tooth because of its antiseptic qualities. For the healing, antibacterial, and analgesic properties of turmeric powder, it is also mentioned in Ayurveda. You can add a few pinches of turmeric powder in the water and then use it as the mouthwash.


10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 10

This ingredient is in the recommendation for a sore throat. It gives you the instant relief from the pain and also helps you to get rid of the problems of wisdom tooth. You can put a few peppermint leaves on the affected area of the tooth for about 15-20 minutes.

Chilled cucumber

10 Best Things To Stop Tooth Pain 11

Chilled cucumber can instantly take away the pain of the tooth. Cut the chilled cucumber in the small pieces that can fit on your tooth. It will help in numbing the tooth.