10 Common Bedroom Mistakes, Explained By A Feng Shui Expert

Fung Shui AF

Feng Shui is the new trend that we all hear about. It has become the talks in yoga, exercise and meditation classes. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is prevalent still today. Let’s get to know more about it.


Feng shui translates to “wind” and “water.” This practice originated in China 6000 years ago. The method is used to encourage the flow of Chi (or Qi), or life force, through the placement of objects in a living space. The discipline can be applied to architecture, urban planning, interior design and landscaping.

The Yin And Yang

The idea is that the strategic placement of objects in a room, home, garden, etc., will promote harmony and happiness for its residents. Feng shui is a concept of Taoism as well as the concepts of yin and yang, which deals with opposite yet complementary forces. Initially, it was used by East Asians in city planning, but today it deals with something different. Feng Shui is done in interiors of the house.

A Healthy Bit Of Skepticism

There’s always scepticism of philosophy and practices, and Feng Shui is not an exception. It even made it onto Penn & Teller: Bulls**t! Where it was found to be precisely that: bulls**t. The concept is based on belief, and this is the reason practitioners guarantee its results. But, it is not necessary that it should always work.

Are You Feng Shui?

Despite the criticism, Feng Shui is getting popular among Westerners and other countries as well. There are a number of School of Thoughts on Feng Shui and it is an evolving subject matter. The best and first place to start with Feng Shui is in the bedroom. A bedroom is the first priority as it is a temple for the day’s rest.

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1. Doorways

In Feng Shui, doors are considered as the gateway of energy flows. This is the reason Feng Shui experts recommend to keep our bed in front of the door. Moreover, they also advocate keeping furniture in a way, around the door so that energy flows through the whole room.

2. Equal Space

Space is an important aspect of Feng Shui. There should be equal space on both sides of the bed. This suggests us to keep our bed in the middle of the room. Another suggestion is the keep round nightstands on both sides of the bed.

3. No Clutter

When Feng Shui advocates for space, then it gives us the idea that our room should not be cluttered. Feng Shui is based on the idea of a minimalistic concept. The less the better. The reason for this is because it becomes difficult for the Chi to circulate in the room.

4. Get Rid Of The TV

TV is always a bad influence in your life. People spend so much of time in front of the TV, they have started neglecting their well being or their spouse. Television usually brings negative vibes in the room which doesn’t let Chi flow. Moreover, it is also bad for your love life.

5. Mirror Mirror

Jon Puro, wrote for the Skeptic Encyclopedia, “Mirrors are also potentially powerful reflectors of this energy and thus must be placed so as not to concentrate ch’I into one area”. It might be uncomfortable for your for a few days to not have a mirror in the bedroom, but it is better not to have one.

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6. Sturdy Headboard

According to Feng Shui experts, your bed’s headboard must be of wooden. They also suggest keeping the back of the bed with support to the wall. Along with the unique placement and looks of the room, it circulates positive flow.

7. Ditch The Plants

This point won’t sound right for the nature lovers out there. Feng Shui experts suggest avoiding plants in the bedroom. Plants are associated with Yang, which means it circulates heat and light. This active energy of Yang will keep you up from having a restful sleep.

8. Off The Floor

This point might interfere with the choice of beds you have. Another thing that Feng Shui experts suggest that your bed must have some heigh off the floor. This means you cant have a bed that doesn’t have adequate space underneath it. It is done to let Chi flow under the bed as well.

9. High Beams

If you have a house, where the bedroom has high beams along the walls of the roof, then it isn’t proper for Feng Shui interior. Feng Shui is all about simplicity, and the wooden beams are an obstruction of Chi’s flow. Furthermore, experts say that high beams over the head make a person feel like they are under some sort of unnatural pressure.

10. Don’t Be So Thirsty

Feng Shui strictly prohibits any source or portrait of water in the bedroom. This includes an aquarium or even an image of water. Water images are depicted to bring financial issues in the family. Another strike for the nature lovers.

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