10 ways to curl hair perfectly

In the matter of hairstyle, the choice of every person is different from each other. Some people like straight hair, some like wavy and some people like perfect curl. Here, we are going to talk about the curling of hair; how to make them long-lasting and beautiful.

  • Curl with the help of peaks

If we want loose curl, we should use the small barrel and if we want tight curl, we should use the big barrel.

  • Curl with the help of finger

We should twist our hair with the finger applying iron.

  • Use spray

If we want a long lasting curl, we should use hairspray. It will help a quick curl for a long while.

  • From the roots

If we curl our hair by the roots or nearby the roots, they will stay curl for a long time.

  • With the help of pony

If we want beach waves, we should make a ponytail and then apply iron.

  • Curl slowly into small parts

For a long while curl, we should curl our hair by making small sections.

  • Angle of curler

If we want loose curl, we should curl our hair in the vertical form and if we want tight curl, we should curl them in the horizontal form.

  • With the help of straighter

If we want to curl our hair with straighter, we should hold hair inch by inch and then pass straightly. From top to bottom, do repeat this procedure.

  • With the help of pins

Iron the hair and capture them by the pins while they are hot. Leave them for a while and open for the perfect curl.

  • Springform curl

Divide the hair into the small sections and wrap them around the curler.

Best Easy to do Ponytail Hairstyles

This is how we can have a perfect curly hair. We can try this if we love curly hair.

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