15 Awesome Tips To Your Way To A Sparkling Clean Home

We all love to have a clean and shiny home. But, it is tough work when it comes to keeping the house shining. Here are 15 tips that can help you to keep your house neat and clean.

1. Get Rid Of Foul Smell

You can always use room fresheners to get off the stink from your room. Another idea is to fill a small bowl with vanilla extract and keep it in a pre-heated oven. In case you don’t have that as well, then light some scented candles and enjoy the aroma.

2. Spotless Windows

Don’t just scrub your windows with soapy water. Instead, use vinegar water solution for a shiny window. After rubbing the windows, use old newspapers to wipe off the water. Your windows will have spotless shine.

3. Unclogged Sinks

It is usually tough to reach few parts of the sink to clean it. Moreover, the clogged sinks are a pain in the ass. To unclog drains, spread baking soda over the sinkhole, then add vinegar in hot water and pour it over the sinkhole. Keeping few slices of cut lemons will get rid of the stink.

4. Cleaning Stained Carpets

We all dread the idea of spilling food or drink over the beautiful carpet. In case it happens, don’t fret. Spray a mixture containing one part of vinegar and two parts of water. Then keep a wet towel over the stain and hold a hot iron over the towel. Keep the iron over the towel for 30 seconds, and the stink will be gone.

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