15 Modern World Pictures Depict Everything That Is Wrong With Western Society

No matter how much we evolve technologically, these technologies and advancements are somehow holding us back to develop. At the back of our heads, we all know that westernization of society is crippling the essence of us being humans. Day by day, we are getting out of touch with the real world and dissolving into the virtual. These are some images of us in modern society that send chills down the spine.

  1. Mobile Zombies

We have become the lot without brains, moving in the same direction as others. We need mobiles to feed ourselves, and without internet, we are nothing. We can kill or even fight for this commodity as it has become an essential part of our existence.

2. Over Stimulation

We all are in a way of stimulating ourselves. Junk food, Netflix, TV, alcohol or smoking, these things are becoming an agent to lose ourselves from reality. We fail to recognize them as a problem from entertainment.

3. Money As A Solution To Everything

Today, we fail to understand that money is not a solution to everything. We run around and find ways to earn money, thinking that it will bring us happiness. Unfortunately, the rush for cash is one reason why people are either depressed or choose to end their life.

4. Losing Your Personality

Consuming bulk information and content from the internet can make us lose our personality. Trying to fit into a trend, body shaming, or the ‘cool-swag’ attitude are all causes of information from the internet. We lose the perception of ourselves and start blending into the trend, ultimately, losing our originality.

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