15 Parenting Hacks That Are Safe, Simple And Effective

Babies are cute innocent brats, and they will do whatever they like. Life of parents can be tough after having a baby, especially taking care of their well being and hygiene. Here are few tricks that can be handy to every parent on this planet.

1. No More Locking Themselves In

It can get scary when your child accidentally locks themselves in a room. Most parents would insist of removing the locks from every door.  Instead of not having a lock on the door, try using a rubber band. Wrap a rubber band around the doorknobs, and it will prevent the bolt from latching in.

2. Just In Case You Lose Them

It is not uncommon for children to get lost from their parents in a crowded place. Not trying to scare those paranoid parents reading this. We suggest you to keep your phone number written on a small piece of paper and keep it in their pockets. Another creative way to have your number noted is to make a bracelet from them, with your phone number on the beads.

3. Taking Their Medicine

Who likes bitter medicines? Even adults are reluctant to take them. Imagine the trauma for children. To trick them into taking their medicines, put drops of that medicine on a binky. They will suck it along with honey, and it won’t be difficult.

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