15 Simple Things You’ve Accidentally Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

Ever thought that we might even be tying our shoelaces the wrong way. Or, there might be some other way to open a can. Here are 15 simple things we might be doing wrong. Have a look; these will surely leave you stunned.

1. How To Use Your Soda Tab

Yes! That is the reason why there was another hole in the opener. We didn’t even imagine that in our wildest dreams.

2. When Your Pot Is Boiling Over

Ever realized that the pot never boils when we are looking at it, but the moment we turn our head for a minute it is a mess already. To prevent the mess, put a long spoon over the pot to contain the bubbles.

3. How To Pack

Rolling clothes is more comfortable than folding them. However, it even saves the clothes from creasing.

4. How To Use Earbuds

Well, it’s almost the same, just upside down. In this way, it won’t even pop out of your ears.

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