18 Brilliant Ways To Use Ordinary Things In The Most Extraordinary Way

There is more than one way to do a particular thing. All we have to do is to open our mind and think out of the box. Here are 18 brilliant ideas which you can use in everyday life.

1. Use Summer Caps To Transport And Store A Pair Of Shoes

It’s quite easy. Fill anything you feel in dirty, like shoes, sandals; or stuff that might leak – shampoo, lotion, oil and keep it with your clothes. You can also wrap your dirty underwears in the cap.

2. Use A Strip Of Magnet To Keep Your Bathroom Metallic Items In Place

You can easily get a long piece of magnet in a hardware store. Stick it to the wall near the mirror, and you can arrange nail cutter, safety pins, scissors, tweezers, etc. In this way, you won’t have to worry about losing something.

3. Open A Tight Jar Lid With A Table Spoon

It gets annoying when you are unable to open a pickle jar when you need it. Don’t use a knife or any sharp object to open the lid. You might hurt yourself with that. Instead, use a spoon to open it. The shape of a spoon makes it easy to exert pressure on the cap. Pop open!!

4. If you need to carry dirty clothes in your suitcase, throw in an open bar of soap with them.

We usually have 2-3 dirty clothes at the end of the trip. Keeping soap in the clothes get rid of the dirty, damp smell in the suitcase. It is quite helpful when we forget to get a spare bag or plastic to keep the dirty clothes in.

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5. Stick a paperclip on the end of a roll of tape to easily find the starting point.

How many of us struggle to find the end of the tape when we need it the most? This trick gets rid of that extra effort.

6. An old egg carton can easily become storage for odd knickknacks.

An egg carton can provide space for storage, and keep stuff safe as well. If used correctly, you can keep small things in it, for example – Christmas ornaments, beads, earrings, etc. If you are creative, then you can color the carton of your choice and keep it on the dressing table. Best out of waste.

7. Easily do a French manicure using an elastic band.

Nail painting can usually get messy, even when we become an expert at it. There’s always that one stroke that goes out of line. To prevent that, you can use an elastic band around your nail and use it as a stencil. Not a bad idea, huh?

8. Use A File Holder In The Kitchen.

Some containers or cans can take up a lot of space in the kitchen. At times, we don’t even find proper holders in the market to organize the stuff. If cans are taking up a lot of space in the kitchen, then use a file holder to store them. In this way, it won’t roll off, nor make a mess. Clean and tidy!

9. Make a few cuts in some aluminum foil to quickly sharpen up some scissors.

Did you ever think of this idea? Aluminum foils are usually hard and can act as a sharpener if we cut it with scissors. The friction between the foil and the blades makes scissors sharp. *Word of caution* It won’t make the scissors super sharp. So, if you have a blunt useless scissor, then this won’t help.

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10. Polish Your Car’s Headlights With Toothpaste.

If toothpaste can make your teeth clean and shine, it sure can shine up those headlights. Toothpaste is usually based in nature, and it acts as a natural cleaner. It is even better than using liquid polishers or sprays.

11. Use towel hooks to fasten your tablet on the wall.

If you the kind of person who can’t get over Netflix even while working in the kitchen, then this idea can help. Stick plastic hooks on the kitchen wall in a way, which can hold your tablet. Advice is to keep the tablet away from heat or fire.

12. Cut off the top of a package and use it to tie the pack after use.

Are you tired of losing those rubber bands or plastic zippers? We usually store contents within the package in a container, but in case you don’t have one, then cut the whole strip of the uppermost portion of the package. Now use that plastic strip to tie that package again.

13. Did you know an ordinary cheese grater is great for storing jewelry?

You can hang earrings, necklaces, bracelet or any other accessory with a hook. It looks funky and stylish at the same time.

14. Remove small stains from suede shoes by using a simple nail file.

Suede is a kind of leather that is sometimes difficult to maintain. In case you have got some stain on your shoes, then use nail filer or soft sandpaper to remove it. Washing it with water might damage the material, so this trick is quite useful.

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15. Uses Of Aluminum Foil

An aluminum foil can be of great use other than just preserving food. While painting the house or a section of the wall, you can use a foil to cover things on which you don’t want to spill paint.

Moreover, you can also use aluminum to wash greasy glassware. Steel scrubs can damage or scratch the glass, so it’s much better to use a ball of foil to clean it.

16. Clever use of a LEGO piece can be used for a cable or key holder.

If you have lego pieces which you don’t play with anymore, or your kid is bored of, then make it a holder. It is totally up to your imagination.

17. Wanna have lunch on the go? Use your car spoiler. 

We cant it for every car, but this lady’s idea was out of the box.

18. Use your pencil as a stylus

The lead of a pencil is made up of graphite which a good conductor of electricity. Stylus usually works on sensors when it touches the screen of a tablet or mobile. Make a small groove closer to the tip, enough to let your fingers tough the lead. In this way, when you touch the groove, it activates the tip of the pencil as a sensor. Wallaa!! Your stylus is ready.

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