23 Hilarious Differences Between High School And College

We all have been in the position where we wanted to leave high college and join college. But, once we were in college, we felt the high school was better. Here are some differences we all saw in a high school and college.

1. Skipping Classes

Remember how it felt being caught while trying to bunk a class in high school? First, we got scolded by our teachers, and then our parents were asked to meet the teacher. If we could, then we would have skipped all the classes in high school.

On the other hand, college debts make you think twice about bunking classes. Moreover, nobody would even care if we bunked.

2. When Being Popular Mattered

We all loved the attention for being popular in school. Teachers would be proud of us, students would try to include you in their groups, and you would usually be the centre of attraction. In college, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is trying to deal with the semesters, then paying attention to stupid popularities.

3. Paying For Books

Lucky were the days when books were cheap or free in high school. When you come to college, thousands of rupees are going to go down on one book which you might open once a year. Another struggle was to find a second-hand book in case we were short in cash. Ughh!

4. When High School ‘A’ Grades Became ‘D’ In College

We would be so happy when we saw ‘A+’ Grades in our mark sheets. Our dreams of becoming a scientist and astronaut came crashing down the moment it turned to ‘D’ in college. No matter how hard you tried, getting an ‘A’ would take rituals, hopes and a sacrifice to Satan.

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