23 Hilarious Differences Between High School And College

We all have been in the position where we wanted to leave high college and join college. But, once we were in college, we felt the high school was better. Here are some differences we all saw in a high school and college.

1. Skipping Classes

Remember how it felt being caught while trying to bunk a class in high school? First, we got scolded by our teachers, and then our parents were asked to meet the teacher. If we could, then we would have skipped all the classes in high school.

On the other hand, college debts make you think twice about bunking classes. Moreover, nobody would even care if we bunked.

2. When Being Popular Mattered

We all loved the attention for being popular in school. Teachers would be proud of us, students would try to include you in their groups, and you would usually be the centre of attraction. In college, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is trying to deal with the semesters, then paying attention to stupid popularities.

3. Paying For Books

Lucky were the days when books were cheap or free in high school. When you come to college, thousands of rupees are going to go down on one book which you might open once a year. Another struggle was to find a second-hand book in case we were short in cash. Ughh!

4. When High School ‘A’ Grades Became ‘D’ In College

We would be so happy when we saw ‘A+’ Grades in our mark sheets. Our dreams of becoming a scientist and astronaut came crashing down the moment it turned to ‘D’ in college. No matter how hard you tried, getting an ‘A’ would take rituals, hopes and a sacrifice to Satan.

5. The Endless Parties

The only parties you could attend in high school were the birthday parties. The moment you enter college, the parties are endless. You don’t need a reason to party in college; it’s just a way to enjoy your college life. Sometimes you don’t even have to pay. How cool does it sound?

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6. Sleeping Students

How many times were you scolded for sleeping in class in high school? Punishments used to be the bonus. In college, the sleeping birds are found everywhere in the class. You can even join benches and lay on your back, and no one would bother to wake you up.

7. Comics Are Lame… Unless You Are A Hipster

Remember the cool kids reading comics, who knew everything about the Marvel or DC Universe? In college, it’s lame. Comics are meant for hipsters in college. So, if you are not a hipster, then you are an idiot for reading that thing.

8. When You Get To Know That Studying Is Necessary

Were you even made fun of, or bullied for studying after class. These studious kids are the nerds of high school and are a centre of a joke for studying all day. In college, it becomes the opposite. You will find everyone studying, even in the canteen.

9. Living In The Library

While in high school, we would rarely go to the library to borrow a book for reference. It was not necessary. In college, our lives are stuck in the library. You would wish you could bring your bed in the library before exams.

10. And Cue The College Hipsters

You might not always be appreciated for playing a musical instrument or having some talent in co-curricular activities. That is not the way things work in college. You are the famous hipster if you have some ability. You would probably be an inspiration for your juniors.

11. Strange Faces


High school is like a community, where you know everyone in the whole class. Even if you are not a friend of all of them, at least you know their names. In college, you would be lucky if you find a familiar face or make a friend in the entire lecture room. Sometimes you will see strangers sitting beside you, who will be missing until exams.

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12. Ahh, Love

Remember your first love in high school? You made promises of not ever leaving each other, going to places together and even have babies. Not to forget the adventures of hiding it from your parents. Well, in college, love is only a thing in fantasy. You would be lucky if you find someone, or else, “welcome loveless life”.

13. Nerds, Dweebs, And Losers Don’t Exist In College

Did you worry about being a loser in high school? Or tried to act cool by drinking in front of everyone for the first time? In college, no one cares if you drink, smoke weed or ruin your life. People mind their own business.

14. Endless Homework

If you cried about getting a lot of homework and assignments in high school, then you are going to dread college. Homework and assignments never end. Papers keep on piling on your study table, and you struggle to complete it before the deadline. 

15. Now What?

Once you finish high school, you have a goal. Get into a college or do something productive. Moreover, the freedom of graduating from high school makes you energetic to do something in the future. On the other hand, the moment you graduate from college, you will face the ultimate existential crisis, “What should I do now?”

16. Picking Your Classes

In high school, it was mandatory to sit in all the classes and complete the courses as set by the authorities. In college, you get the freedom of choosing your subjects. Here, there’s no forcing someone to sit for a boring subject.

17. Summer School

While you are in high school, enjoy the freedom of spending two months outside the school and no books around you. The moment you are in college, summer schools are necessary as you cant afford to sit for extra classes. Say goodbye to vacations.

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18. You Survive On Naps

While we were in high school, we used to be the rebellious child and determined not to sleep at night. Your parents would force you to sleep on time. Enjoy those peaceful nights of sleep because, in college, sleeping is a luxury you cannot afford. Power naps or short naps for an hour are your survival kit.

19. Taking Notes

Many of us didn’t find it necessary to take notes in high school as teachers gave most of the material. In college, it is a matter of life and death to take notes. If you don’t then forget about even passing the semester.

20. The Freshman 15

Freshman 15 is a term used to refer to the 15 pounds you gain in freshman year. In high school, we have a constant body weight. And then when you enter college cafeteria, the junk leads to a growth of 5 extra kilos. Now you have another reason to hit the gym.

21. Some Things Never Change

It doesn’t matter if you are in high school or college. If you are shy to ask a girl out, then it remains the same.

22. You Are No Longer The Smartest One In The Class

Many of us can relate to this situation. Our constant grades, achievements, and medals would give us the title of being the smartest one in the class. Wait for it to change when you enter college. The competition increases when we enter a class of students coming from different places with different talents.

23. Your Wardrobe

We have a variety of clothes in high school as our parents would help us to choose. Then comes college life and everything changes. Our wardrobe can either be filled with similar T-shirts and sweatshirts, or it becomes brighter than before.

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