5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems

5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems 1

While applying make up most of the women are pretty alert to avoid the mistakes but sometimes even the professionals make several mistakes that would make all the things go wrong at once. There are some common things that we unintentionally skip before leaving house and those are then considered as make up mistakes but the tricks that are explained below can help you out.

Keep your foundation from looking cakey

5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems 2

If you too are annoyed due to your foundation as it becomes cakey and form lines easily then surely you are using the wrong method of applying the foundation. Never apply it in bulk, try to apply it by thin layers and spread that thin layer in every corner and if you found out that you have applied a very thick layer of it, then you may use a sponge which should a little bit damp and move it on your face to remove excess foundation.

Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth

5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems 3

No woman wants her lipstick on her teeth instead of lips but it is a most common thing to happen no matter what type of lipstick you are applying it always ends up on teeth. To get rid this of situation there is one method which may sound weird but it works. After applying lipstick stick your pointer finger in your mouth and wrap up your lips around the finger as you slowly pull out the finger it will remove the excess lipstick inside your lips and then you won’t have your lipstick on your teeth.

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Prevent your eyeliner from travelling down your face

5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems 4

If you want your eyeliner not to spread around your eyes and not give your eyes that tired and make your dark circles appear that after apply eyeliner go for the oil free concealer and then apply translucent powder over it to prevent the eyeliner from travelling down.

Keep your lipstick from feathering

5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems 5

Nothing will be better than lip liner to stop your lipstick from feathering. You just have to apply lip liner before applying lipstick. outline your lips with lip liner of nude color or as of the same shade as of the lips and then fill the rest of the space using lipstick of the desired color and try not to cover the lip liner .

Avoid harsh foundation lines

5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems 6

To avoid harsh foundation lines make sure that you are using the foundation of the same shade of your skin and do not forget to blend it properly. Use sponge to blend the foundation on the areas like the neck and do not leave before making sure that you are having any harsh line of foundation.