5 Hacks and Tutorials for Perfect Step-by-Step Winged Eyeliner

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Everyone wants to look beautiful. To draw a perfect winged eyeliner every single time is one of our common dreams. We always try our best and wait for the excellent winged eyeliner result. Most of the times, things go out of hand, and our eyeliner doesn’t turn out as pretty as expected, I thought of sharing some fantastic tricks with you all. I hope these hacks will help you create perfect, sharp winged eyeliner.


⦁ The Wet Wipe Trick

In this, I’m going to show you a simple trick which works good and helps achieve a perfect line in no time. Sometimes hand tends to turn a little clumsy but, this kind of mess can easily be fixed with a wet tissue. Just draw your upper lash line and then draw a winged liner. Then take a damp wipe and remove the extra product or sharpen the line, this beauty hack gives a super defined, sharp winged eyeliner look. Don’t forget to touch-up with concealer when you use a wet wipe since it might end up removing your base makeup too. This trick will brighten up the area as well.


⦁ The Perfect Trick for Dramatic Winged Eyeliner

Here is how you draw a perfect dramatic winged eyeliner. This trick works best with liquid eyeliners. First, draw a regular winged eyeliner and then slowly start making the line thicker and deeper, finally extend the line sharply. Now to complete this look, apply kajal on your lower lash line and merge both the line. Never try to draw your eyeliner in a single stroke and draw it slowly.

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⦁ Everyday Winged Eyeliner Look

It is not hard even for beginners; all you need is a little practice. So first, conceal the under eye area with concealer, or you can use a compact. Next, with a normal kajal, draw on your upper lash line first then, slowly extend the line and create a medium sized wing and join it with the lower lash line. After this, apply the kajal on your lower lash line, too. Now, merge both the lines well. Just practice on the wing a little, and you can also achieve a flawless look.This is a very basic but pretty way of applying your eyeliner.


⦁ For Subtle Wings

This is again a straightforward method. On both upper and lower lash line apply kajal then, take a small flat brush and drag that line with the brush (you can extend it as much as you like). This trick takes only a few minutes to create the entire look and gives a smooth, natural line. Just apply some mascara and to complete this look, you’re done.

⦁ The Scotch Tape Eyeliner Method

This technique is exciting and works except for a dramatic winged eyeliner look. First cut a small strip of tape and place it on your palm to reduce its stickiness. Then, put it on the corner of your eyes, as per your choice, but make sure it forms a proper angle with your eyebrow. Now, just draw a normal winged eyeliner and extend it towards the tape; you can even go over your tape. Once you’re done lining your eyes, just remove the tape and apply kajal on your lower lash line. I feel this trick is a little time consuming but gives you a perfect winged eyeliner, so make sure you try it only when you have ample time.

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