5 Negativity Management Tricks That Make You Positive Again


You should make driving negativity out of your lives a routine. It is not our fault as we live in a world full of negativity, but we do have the power to choose our ways. We do have the power to pick on the thoughts that we should be attentive about even if the negative thoughts are overwhelming. We all are capable of focusing on the good rather than choosing anything that lets us down.

Beliefs can create and are powerful enough to destroy. Humans can mould any experience of their lives and add meaning to it which can either let them down or save their lives.

So let’s look at few simple tricks which can save you and help you feel positive again.

Let’s look at five ways to manage negativity and bring positive energy into our lives

Positive Affirmations

Pay close attention to your thoughts for a weeks time. Are they mostly negative? If it is so, you should start rewiring the brain to the positive side. It shall take some dedication and practice. Say things like ” I love myself” or ” I am attracting abundance and prosperity” whenever you feel negative. Willpower can get everything working. Observe your mind and the way it thinks. Don’t let it run on its own. It shall make sure you have positive and neutral thoughts at all times.

Self-worth and help can be boosted with such positive affirmations. Give all of this a shot!

Distract yourself from the bad thoughts

Our minds can overdrive and make us go insane in no time. Doing some activities can make one feel good instead of making one feel crappy about a situation. You need a distraction at times, as the mind doesn’t know to stay quiet. Go for a run, get some fresh air, meet a friend for coffee or maybe start a project which you always wanted to do. Our mind can only be controlled when we give it power, you show it, who’ boss.

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Care for yourself

We should take care of ourselves and honour our bodies, and we do not require the worlds approval for this. Instead of jumping onto the bed after getting back from work, indulge in a relaxing bath or walk around the neighbourhood. Its survival to take care of yourself, it is not selfish. You could disconnect from this crazy world for some time too; there is nothing wrong with it. Relaxing is good for the wandering soul, it will help you sow down your thoughts.

 Thoughts are fleeting

Your thoughts don’t define you. Where are they coming from, anyway? What is their purpose? We don’t know answers to a lot of question, but we let them take the lead anyway. Let the thoughts come and go like seasons and don’t emphasize so much on them. Paying too much attention can be harmful, let it not define you.

 Observe the outside world

We are so engrossed in our own lives that we often forget about the beauty around us. Go outside, look away from the phone. Look at the wind blowing and the squirrels chasing one another. We forget the beauty of life and the miracle of just being alive. Let us not take our worries to a point wherein we don’t have time to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Get out of that mind, look at the world outside. Say hello to neighbours and get some air into the system and be thankful for another day of living in this marvellous planet.

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