6 Revealing Things Your Handshake Says About Your Personality

Handshakes are very important in professional and personal lives. It shows our manners, style, what we wish to convey and how much do we care about the other person in front. Here are six tips one should always remember while shaking hands with someone.

1. Do Not Grasp The Other Person’s Fingers Or Knuckles


The important thing to understand first is that you should know with whom you are shaking your hands. Grasping other person’s fingers or knuckles depicts a warm, friendly handshake. If in a professional meeting or interview, don’t grasp the person’s fingers. It gives a strange reaction and an immature gesture.

2. Do Not Crack The Other Person’s Fingers Or Knuckles

Just as you should not grasp the other person’s fingers, you should not even hold it too firmly. It gives a negative and aggressive image about yourself. A gentle handshake is much better.

3. Avoid A Lazy Handshake

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Don’t be lazy when it comes to shaking hands. An upright position with a straight hand towards the other person is the perfect body language. Try avoiding to hold the fingertips or even be sloppy. Be firm and confident.

4. Never Shake Hands In A Hurry

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One mistake people usually make is that they try to shake hands in a hurry. Shaking hands with the other person in a hurry show that you don’t care about the deal or what was conveyed to you. Take your time to do the act.

5. Do Not Shake A Person’s Hand For More Than Couple Of Seconds

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If you are not a politician or a celebrity who has to get the medias’ attention, then the suggestion would be not to shake hands for long. You don’t have cameras around you to take a shot, so keep it short and firm. Shaking hands for too long seems awkward to the other person and conveys a depicts attitude.

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6. Always Look Directly Into The Eyes Of The Person While You Are Shaking Hands

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Eye contact is significant while shaking hands. Keep your gaze straight and undistracted. Proper eye contact shows commitment and trust. Moreover, it also shows your confidence.

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