6 Ways Of Posting Your Child’s Photo Would Put You In A Risk

6 Ways Of Posting Your Child's Photo Would Put You In A Risk 1

The various research studies have shown that on an average 300 pictures of kids and children get shared by their parents every year. This number of photos go on increasing every year. Parents share around 1500 images of their infants when they start going to school. It is a very crazy thing among parents. Nowadays, it has become a trend to share the pictures of every precious moment of a child. This activity can be harmful to their children in their adult lives.

We have listed down the ways according to which the sharing of pictures can be dangerous for them. You must read these ways carefully.

Your child’s location gets revealed in pictures and criminals can use this information.

6 Ways Of Posting Your Child's Photo Would Put You In A Risk 2

You may not share the location of your child while posting the pictures on the social media but there are many identifying features hidden in the photographs which can tell about the place of your child. The hidden features can be the background, the nameplates of the houses, pets in the streets, and there can be many more things. The criminals can merely find your child’s location by looking carefully at their pictures.

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You share personal data on the internet which cause the risk of online fraud.

6 Ways Of Posting Your Child's Photo Would Put You In A Risk 3

According to bank specialists, the pictures of your kids that you share on the social media contain their data. This personal data can put your child’s adult life in danger by affecting their financial security. When parents share the childhood pictures of their children, they may share their names, date, and place of birth, and home address accidentally.

The criminals can use all this information for various frauds like credit card transactions, loans, and online shopping scams later on. Bank specialists advise the parents to make sure what information they share on the internet and also check privacy settings.

 The information that you share on the internet can put an effect on the child’s adult life.

6 Ways Of Posting Your Child's Photo Would Put You In A Risk 4

The pictures that parents share on the social media of their children can severely affect their children’s adult life, and they do not even think about this risk while sharing the pictures. Your children will not want to put their lives at risk only because of their childhood pictures. There are specific algorithms which can even reveal the deleted photos. So keep this in your mind and always be sure about what you are going to share on the social media.

Your kids would not be happy about you shared their personal lives on the internet.

6 Ways Of Posting Your Child's Photo Would Put You In A Risk 5

There can even be some ethical issues regarding your child’s pictures on social media. You firstly need to feel this thing about yourself if your parents show your childhood pictures to their friends and other people in the street then how will you feel. The parents should learn from the real case example of Austria. One young lady, there was suing her parents for sharing her childhood picture on their facebook account and enforcing them to remove that pictures.

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She enforced them again and again to remove her pictures, but her parents were not doing so. The young lady said that her parents have no shame and cross their limits. They made all her photos public and not even thought if she is sitting in the toilet or lying naked. You do not have a right to lavender your kids’ privacy by sharing their all pictures on the social media.

Dangerous people can get attracted by your kids’ pictures on the social media

The pictures can be easily stolen from the internet by the dangerous people. There are a lot of websites on which your children’s pictures get illegally used by others which you share on the social media. One more thing is that some dishonest parents steal your kids’ pictures and post them on their accounts by showing that they are their kids.

Your kids’ pictures can also become the reason for bullying through social media

You can not control the piece of your life that you share on the internet. Many wrong people can use your kid’s pictures for bullying.