6 Ways To Identify A Knock-Offs vs. The Original Gadget

With the launch of so many new mobile products in the market, it is not unusual for a person to doubt a product’s originality. At times, even the fake gadgets are made so accurately; we are tricked to buy a phony device instead. But, don’t fret!

Here are few tips you should keep in mind before buying a new mobile or accessories from the market, that would help you to distinguish between the originals and the fake products.

1. Always Check The Packaging

6 Ways To Identify A Knock-Offs vs. The Original Gadget 1

Original mobile packaging will always be perfect with no defaults. Be it the outer plastic, boxing or even the padding for security; every package will be made in a way to make sure the product inside can’t be damaged. Fake packaging will always have a fault.

You might not even find instructions about unboxing on a fake package. Companies make sure that they gain trust in the market, thus, strive to maintain perfection.

2. Look At The User Manual Carefully

6 Ways To Identify A Knock-Offs vs. The Original Gadget 2

The user manual is an integral part of the product. It gives you all the necessary information about how to handle or take care of your device. If you pay close attention to the user manuals, you will find that the original manual will always have instructions written in 2-3 languages. In addition to that, the writing is simple, fonts are clear, and it has proper bullet points.

On the other hand, a fake user manual won’t have legible fonts. The paper might look like it has been xeroxed or printed in a lower quality. Sometimes, you won’t even find instructions in English.

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3. Notice The Quality Of The Material

6 Ways To Identify A Knock-Offs vs. The Original Gadget 3

Just like an original product will have neat packaging, in the same way, the quality of the device will also be top. Original products are made to ensure that they don’t have faults. These products are also thoroughly checked and tested against damage or defaults.

A fake product will never have a good quality. The body might be of plastic, cracked or as if it has been glued. Moreover, the finishing touch won’t be there at all.