7 Steps To Eyeliner Application

7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 1

Getting that perfectly precise eyeliner is a dream come true. But not all dreams turn into reality. Applying eyeliners is one of the most challenging steps of doing makeup. Requiring a lot of practice and precision, using eyeliners is a step-by-step procedure that helps in getting you the desired look at the end of it. Read on to know the steps to apply eyeliner correctly.

  1. Pre-treatment

7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 2

Before doing any makeup, cleansing your face is a crucial ritual. Use a gentle face wash that thoroughly removes, dirt, dust and leftover makeup from your face. Let your skin dry naturally after using the face wash.

  1. Let Your Under-Eye Area Dry

7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 3

Ensure that the under-eye area of your face is completely dry before you proceed. Use a tissue to absorb any water and then let it dry naturally. This is a good point to wear your contact lens if you wear any.

  1. Prep Your Under-Eye Area

7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 4

Use a light concealer to even out and brighten your under-eye area. If you have heavy dark circles, you can also go for medium to full coverage concealers. Let it set for some time.

  1. Prime Time

7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 5

Once the concealer has set, use an eye primer to prime your eyes for eye makeup. Choose from brightening, full coverage, colour correction and many more, according to your needs.

  1. Set The Right Base

7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 6

Start the eye makeup by using a base colour depending on the look that you are going for. In case you want a simple eyeliner look, opt for a neutral base like white or beige. Even for a coloured eye look, keep the base colour light.

  1. Highlight Your Brows
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7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 7

Use a brow highlighter at the top of your crease area to instantly brighten up your eyes. This will draw the attention your eyes.

  1. Show Time

7 Steps To Eyeliner Application 8

It is time for the final step. It is crucial for you to keep your hands steady while applying eyeliner. Using an eyeliner of your choice, apply the eyeliner in small strokes and then join them together to get that perfect eyeliner look. After you have drawn a thin line, you can make it thick or give a wing at the need according to your eye look.  And you are done!