7 ways you should make the best use of Vitamin E capsules

Haven’t you heard a lot about Vitamin E? But how does this help you with your hair and skin, you may wonder? Let us look at 7 ways you can use Vitamin E for enhancing your beauty.

Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsules


Squeeze out the Vitamin E capsule onto your palms. Dab it on your facial skin and leave it for the night. Don’t use too much of it as it will make your skin too oily and your pillow too will be ruined. Use it in limited quantity.


Pop open 3 tablets depending on the length of your hair. Spread this liquid on to the length of your hair for nourishing it well. Apply some on your scalp if you wish too. Too much of it could make your hair too sticky, so use it cautiously. Keep it on for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

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Gulp one Vitamin E capsule every day for 15 days and you would be in love with the difference it makes to your skin and hair. It will help you a lot, I assure you!


Add one capsule to your night cream and then whip the whole mixture well. Here you have your own skin scream. You could do the same with your body lotions too.


Apply some Vitamin E on to these areas after exfoliation. It will take away the rough patches and keep dry skin away. You could apply some on your cuticles to pamper them.


Apply Vitamin E to your chapped lips. It works better than those store bought balms,

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Vitamin E has antioxidant properties which can treat acne well. It also takes away pimples and scars. It can help in taking away those wrinkles as it promotes regeneration of skin cells.

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