7 Weird Things Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality

Eyebrows are a unique facial feature. It expresses your emotions, body language, and even beauty. Here are seven things that your natural eyebrow shape say about your personality.

1. Short Eyebrows

People who have short eyebrows are relaxed and calm. They don’t like stress or external pressure. They would prefer a quiet life by the mountains, rather than working to earn a living.

2. Long Eyebrows

People with long eyebrows are the complete opposite of people who have short eyebrows. They are active and can work in any situation. They can handle stress very well, and it doesn’t bother them to achieve what they want. Moreover, they are good listeners as well.

3. Peaked Eyebrows

People who have peaked eyebrows, which have pointed arches are fun loving and outgoing. They will always act spontaneously rather than thinking about it. They need constant stimulation to keep themselves entertained. Their social lives are fulfilling and eventful.

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