8 early signs of ovarian cancer every woman should know

Millions of people all over the world suffer from different types of cancer. It occurs when body cells begin to grow and reproduce out of control. Cancer can develop in each part of the human’s body, including blood. Even though numerous researchers were done, we don’t know exactly, why does this problem happen. Experts say that heredity and genetic mutations play a great role in the development of cancer.

Credit: Pixabay In the US more than 22 000 women receive a diagnosis of ovarian cancer each year. It causes the highest number of deaths among the cancers of woman’s reproductive system. It was found that ovarian malignancy most commonly affects women after their 40s. Long-term consumption of hormone replacement medications and fertility drugs may increase your risks of ovarian cancer.

Credit: Pixabay At the same time taking birth control pills is associated with lower hazards of this disorder. However, it’s worth knowing that oral contraceptives elevate chances of the breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Being overweight or obese can also contribute to ovarian cancer occurrence. READ MORE: 7 signs you’ve found a real man Your risks of ovarian malignancy may be also increased if you have close relatives with the same health issue.

Credit: Pixabay The problem is also that cancer may exist in the ovaries for many years, without causing symptoms, until it reaches the advanced stage and spreads to other organs. In spite of this, medical professionals say that it’s possible to detect ovarian cancer on the early stages, if paying attention on the signs, your body sends to you. Don’t ignore these early signs and symptoms that may indicate ovarian cancer:

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#1. Abdominal bloating

women often experience this uncomfortable symptom several days before menstruation. Sense of fullness, tightness, gurgling and gassiness, which don’t go away for a long time, may be associated with progression of the ovarian cancer. READ MORE: Top-5 natural remedies to get rid of varicose veins naturally Credit: Freepik

#2. Abnormal bleeding

spotting between periods is a warning sign of numerous diseases. And vaginal bleeding, which occurs after menopause, can’t be normal at all. Be aware that abnormal bleeding may indicate ovarian or endometrial malignancy.

#3. Pelvic pain

as the ovarian tumour grows, it may press on the nerves and cause painful sensations and cramps in the pelvis and lower abdomen. Credit: Freepik

#4. Increased urge to urinate

those who suffer from ovarian cancer, often complain of frequent need to go, even if don’t drink a lot of water. The reason is that ovarian neoplasm may press on the wall of the bladder, causing this symptom.

#5. Unintentional weight loss

people with cancer usually feel satiated too quickly. Decreased appetite commonly contributes to significant loss of weight. Credit: Pixabay

#6. Indigestion

dyspepsia usually becomes apparent in nausea, belching and flatulence. Though it is frequently related to overeating, gastritis and other gastrointestinal disorders, this symptoms may also indicate ovarian cancer.

#7. Back pain

maybe each of us have experienced back pain at least once in life. Infrequent cases long-lasted back pain is caused by expansion of the ovarian malignancy.

#8. Painful intercourses

women with ovarian cancer often complain of discomfort and pain during sexual intercourses (medically called dyspareunia).

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