8 ways to get up effortlessly in the morning.

Waking up daily to the alarm clock is something which you don’t like. Even if you manage to wake up, you feel exhausted. Having more than 8 hours of sleep an also make you wake up feeling tired. We assume that this is due to stress and weather changes but the morning fatigue is much more than you think it to be. So let’s look at how we could wake up fresh in the morning.

Not following a routine

Everyone has a biological class. If you sleep at random hours of the night, your cardiac rhythm is disturbed, and it gives rise to morning fatigue. Go to bed at the same time daily.

Adjust the sleep hours

If you sleep for 6 hours during the working days and 12 during the weekend, it shall affect the body clock. This can also lead to obesity, heart problems and type 2 diabetes.

Get up with the first call of the alarm

Your morning tiredness is due to turning off your alarm clock a couple of times before you finally wake up.

Put the lights off

Excess of light suppresses the sleep hormones leading to insomnia. Turn the electronic devices to get a good nights sleep.

Eat breakfast

For getting your biological clock started, have some nice breakfast.

Avoid unhealthy food

Products that are rich in glycemic index increase the stress levels and causes sleep disorders. Consume lighter proteins 2 hours before you hit the bed.

Clean rooms

A messy room tells you about work that is left, and hence it makes your subconscious mind difficult to sleep. Keep the room clean to improvise your sleep.

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No hot showers before sleeping

A hot bath relaxes you but disrupts the sleep. If you want to take a hot bath, do it before you sleep.

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