8 ways your body is indicating a health-problem.

8 ways your body is indicating a health-problem. 1

There are so many symptoms that keep occurring from time-to-time, but we don’t pay heed to them. We are so busy or lazy that we don’t feel the need to go to a doctor to look for possible indications as and when something goes wrong. The leading causes of death are due to heart disease, cancer, chronic lung diseases, strokes, diabetes and Alzheimers too. These troubles don’t show symptoms very soon; only specific mild indications are prominent. If the signs are not given the right treatment, the situations can worsen and be life-threatening too. Check these warnings, quick!

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Blurry sight

People cant look at objects at a distance many times. Do consult a doctor if you have problems of vision which has arisen rather very quickly. It could indicate cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, stroke or a brain tumour.

Skin flushing

During menopause, sense of heat and redness of the skin can occur commonly. It could be caused due to skin infection, Cushing’s disease, hypertension, bronchia tumour, etc.

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Itching skin

It’s time to look into your health if you have irresistibly scratchy skin.

Credit: PixabayScratching skin without rashes indicate high sugar levels, kidney issues and gallstones. The other reason could be food or drug intolerance.

Shaking hands

People do tremble when they are extremely tired or super excited. If this tremor develops without any reason, it is due to a brain or a spinal tumour, low glucose of hyperthyroidism.


For breathing shortness and suffocation, there is a massive list of health disorders. The common ones include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, heart failure, anaemia, pneumonia, thromboembolism.

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Swollen glands

Lymph nodes enlarge when the body is affected by infections or if there is a penetration of harmful agents. When you have flu or some dental issues, you must have seen swollen glands. Visit your doctor if the lymph nodes remain enlarged for a very long time. Swollen glands indicate leukaemia, lymphoma, STD’s and rheumatoid arthritis.



Easy bruises

After traumatic damages, we do get reddish-purple spots. When our capillaries get damaged and blood flow, these start to appear. If the blood contains very few clotting agents or if the vessel wall gets too britt;e, you get bruised quickly even with a slight blow. It could be due to consumption of drugs like prednisone and aspirin. Easy bruising also could be due to blood cancer.

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New Spots

New elements on the skin should be examined as they could indicate cancer. Malignant patches have irregular edges and can change colouration, shape and size. They can also lead to bleeding, redness and itching. Don’t ignore the signals your body sends you! The earlier a disease is detected, the higher the chance of getting adequate treatments.

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