9 evergreen hairstyles tutorials for my ladies

My mom irritates the only thing in me; not to properly comb the hair. Whenever I comb in a hurry and make a bun of my hair, she doesn’t forget to scold me. I’m a bit lazy to comb properly, no, not literally lazy I have not so silky and straight hair so I find myself unable to make different hairstyles. That’s why it is easy to pin my hair into a bun. If I ever listen to my mom and make a ponytail, it looks bouncy and fake and this makes me irritated. Please do not get me wrong as I don’t like to live properly and so all but the thing is that I don’t know about the different and unique hairstyles which could suit my hair. One more thing is that I don’t wanna go parlor again and again but all I need is to manage my hair at home in a simple manner. If you girls are also the matter of mom’s irritation, find the solution here as I did. Trust me these hairstyles are so cool and pretty and moreover, they have made my mom happy and delight. I am going to present 9 evergreen hairstyles for you, you can try them at home as well as try on a party. Let’s bingo!

  • Sided bun with a classy look

Fold your hair into the little parts inside. Insert your front hair along with the folded an pin them.

  • Broad-rolled bun

Divide hair into three sections, make two peaks side by side. Roll your open hair inside and pin, insert the peaks an capture with the pin.

  • Tie-open look

Curl your hair and then tie up two bunch of hair into the one.

  • Waves everywhere

Curl your hair but do straight your front hair and pin them into the curls.

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  • Perfect curl from top to bottom

Curl your hair from the roots till the end of the length and comb in the direction of the curl.

  • Bun and peaks tie up look

Make peaks on both sides. Capture the remaining hair into a pony and fold them by using a bun maker.

  • Simple classy rough look

Divide hair into two large section and tie them. Roll each into the opposite direction and pin that.

  • Sided down bun with waves

First, curl your upper sided hair then make a sided peak, roll that and pin inside.

  • 3 Peaks into 3 buns

Divide hair into three sections and make peaks in every section. Roll them and capture with the pin.



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