A beach could reveal your personality

A beach could reveal your personality 1

A lot of people don’t have much faith in tests. And moreover, why should you believe them? We thought of presenting an analysis by the California University which is based on subconscious pattern recognition. Choose a picture below, and then your choice will say something about you!


Less is more is your life motto. Your actions are based on your desires whereas you value the beauty around you. You define your actions well, and you know what you do and why.

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While making decisions, you are calm. No one could change you after you have made up your mind. You play your own game, but it doesn’t mean you don’t care about others.

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You are dedicated to the people you love.  You consider their thoughts while making any important takes in life. You are not ordinary and hence don’t choose a beaten path often.

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You love making friends and are charming too. You know what is wrong and right no matter what the situation is. You might use other people at times to achieve your goals.

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People might use you to get something they want, but this doesn’t let you down. You are happy with what life brings you. You are pretty considerate and are friendly too.

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