A dermat’s tip for treating dry skin.

A dermat's tip for treating dry skin. 1

Itchy and dry skin can cause a lot of irritation. Dry skin isn’t a severe disorder. It is due to the surrounding factors, ageing and certain soaps. Heavy skin drying leads to infection and cracking. Have a look at the soaps and skin care products you choose. Few of them might be driving to the dryness of your skin. Itchy skin is due to retinoids, alcohol content and aromatising agents.

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Cold climate cause xerosis or dry skin. After swimming in the pool for more extended hours, our skin becomes scaly and dry. The water we swim in is often chlorinated, and this has to be taken off from the body with a hypoallergic soap. Having extremely hot water showers worsens the situation of the skin. Use warm water and cut the shower time to 10 minutes.

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Let’s look at some hacks that will help you fight dry skin:


Creams and ointments are better than lotions. Products with oily ingredients like jojoba, coconut, lactic acid, glycerin should be chosen.

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Hands have to suffer from the adverse environmental conditions always. While using detergents or doing outdoor chores, use gloves to protect your hand.



You can take away xerosis by moisturising the air in the house.


Consume anti-oxidant rich food like tomatoes, berries and carrots can lead to the dry skin restoring at a faster pace. Omega 3 fatty acids are great for keeping the skin hydrated. Salmon, tuna and flaxseed oil have essential fats too.

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Natural clothing

Don’t go for unnatural fabrics as they may cause irritation and dryness to the skin. Wear cotton and silk under wool or synthetic clothes.

Petroleum jelly

Mineral oil protects the skin from drying.

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