A super effective egg and cucumber weight-loss diet!

People facing weight issues in today’s date are either landing up in surgery whereas others are left in misery. If the secret to weight loss is right under the nose, we wish to share it with you. There is not a need to waste a lot of money in this regime too. Trust us with this. Let’s look at an egg and cucumber dier. Both are rich in proteins and having metabolism boosting effects. Check it out!

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This diet can be a little tough on you, although it looks easy. Do look into any health intolerances you have before you step into this diet. You can also consume different proteins like cheese, grapefruit, salads etc.

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Follow a strict plan on the first week. An egg with a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast. Lunch could be an egg with salt and dinner is strictly cucumber said. You will require a lot of will to succeed, but the effect will be worth it!

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If the results are pretty satisfactory, go ahead and continue the diet for a weeks time and then include cabbage, spinach or fish with it. Use moderate amounts of course.

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You should listen to your body despite the effects it has. If something is not right, pay a visit to your doctor before continuing.

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