Achieving healthier hair

Achieving healthier hair 1

We spend so much energy and time on hair. It is an essential part of our look. But we don’t need to invest a lot of time in caring for our hair so that they look healthier. It is simpler than we think. Let’s look at six ways to get beautiful hair.

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For preparing a concoction, use a big bowl. Drop a tablespoon of the oil. This oil is excellent for avoiding thinning of hair and promoting growth. It helps to nourish the hair and combats the ageing too.


Put some olive oil in this bowl. Olive oil acts as a shield from damage and reduces the frizziness. It works great for curly hair type.

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Now combine some coconut oil into this mix. This will start smelling amazing, but there’s more to it. It has anti-bacterial properties too. It is rich in nutrients and boosts circulation too.


Blend all the oils well and rub it gently into the hair, massaging the hair all along. Make sure the oils touch the scalp. Massage for fifteen minutes and relax.

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After this, use a warm wet towel and wrap the hair for 3 minutes. This will provide the hair with steam conditioning.

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Use a gentle shampoo to wash the hair, so that you don’t damage the work done on the hair.Credit: Pixabay


Repeat this process for few times per week to get surprising results. The hair will be much more luscious and healthy like never before!

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