Are you washing your hair, all wrong?

Are you washing your hair, all wrong? 1

We all care about our skin and hair so much, as we all want to look amazing with it. We wish to stylise our hair often but end up not damaging it. A lot of ads promise you excellent hair growth and health. But there is no point being brainwashed as these products are chemical based. The most expensive of products too cannot give you surprising results. We do not know to care for our hair correctly. Let’s draw your attention towards signs that could lead you to treat your hair right.

Credit: Freepik

  1. Drying your hair with a towel tends to damage the hair follicles.
  2. Using too much shampoo is harmful, and you may not receive the results you would be looking for.Credit: Freepik
  3. Rubbing or scrubbing the hair harshly can weaken it and cause loss of hair.
  4. Care for the roots of the hair too. Moisturise and nourish well while washing the hair.Credit: Freepik
  5. Washing the hair too often only ends up damaging it. Refrain from the rinse and repeat method to prevent drying out of the hair.
  6. Hot water ends up damaging the hair. Use warm water to make hair luscious.Credit: Freepik
  7. Always leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes at least to make the hair smooth and shiny.
  8. Washing hair with cold water improves the growth of hair.Credit: Freepik
  9. Conditioning wet hair damages the strands.


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