Building a bullet-proof relationship

Building a bullet-proof relationship 1
Relationships are rosy at the start, but with time, it does tend to become a little shaky. Everyone wants that relationship that is sturdy, in a way, that nothing can tear the couple apart. We love being in a strong relationship, where forever doesn’t seem impossible. You should adapt to some common habits to make your relationship work out well. Only then, can you have a bond that is unbreakable?

A relationship

Building a bullet-proof relationship 2
Relationships can be tricky. If there is anything you could do to tighten your bond, you would, wouldn’t you? Relationships don’t happen just like that, they take efforts. They can be bumpy but it can be worked out.

Don’t romanticise too much

Building a bullet-proof relationship 3
We might ponder over those perfect couples and wonder how effortless they look. But that is not the story. Not everything comes out of nowhere, some parts could be easy, but not all of it is. Every relationship needs work.


Building a bullet-proof relationship 4
Be willing to put in the time, effort and attention to make your relationship last. Small actions go a long way. You could be amongst the so-called “relationship-goals.”

Taking responsibility

Building a bullet-proof relationship 5
A licensed marriage and family therapist- Christine Lozano says that you should recognize your part in arguments. Know that it is not always them at fault but it could be a part of it too. This thinking will make your bond grow stronger.

Be open with your partner

Building a bullet-proof relationship 6
You should be careful of giving space to your partner and overcrowding, but being open to your partner at most times will get you closer to them. Share your desires, thoughts and all that you want, it will get you closer to your partner.

Change is ought to happen

Building a bullet-proof relationship 7
Change is the only constant in life, and the sooner couples realize this, the better. Succesful couples accept changes and expect it too. Growing and adapting to the surroundings is normal but it does threaten some couples. Recognise that it is a part of life and flow with it to sustain a happy relationship.

Hear them out

Building a bullet-proof relationship 8
Listening could be an underrated gesture but it is still important. It is very crucial in relationships to be a good listener. You should inculcate the habit of listening and not just hearing what your partner has to say.

Resolving arguments

Building a bullet-proof relationship 9
Letting the arguments linger can damage a relationship. Everyone needs a little time and space in a relationship but refusing to make up for it can get toxic to the marriage in the longer run.


Building a bullet-proof relationship 10
Happily married couples continue to date one another, even after they are married. Spending time and energy on one another is special and no couple should ever give up on it. These are small little ways through which you can shower love, affection, and kindness towards one another. This makes sure that the partner loves the other without a doubt.

Keeping a check on finances

Building a bullet-proof relationship 11
There is no shying away in true relationships about finances. Fighting about money can be a reason which can end a relationship in no time. Plan your finances together instead of arguing over it.

Know your identity

Building a bullet-proof relationship 12
Sharing common interests together is good but so is doing things by yourself and apart. Learn to cultivate a balance between common interests and individual interests to keep the bond alive. Getting too involved with one another will create a suffocating environment with both of you.

Laugh it out

Building a bullet-proof relationship 13
Serious relationships call for serious conversation but don’t soak into it way too much. Laugh it out with one another. Make sure you have fun with one another. Sharing moments of happiness together will boost up the energy between you too and you will cherish these memories for long.

Communicate with each other

Building a bullet-proof relationship 14
A relationship is devoid if you don’t communicate enough. Long-term relationships always need intimacy and a different level of comfort wherein you could talk about topics that you cannot probably talk to anyone else.

Appreciate and express gratitude

Building a bullet-proof relationship 15
We should learn to stop taking things for granted and appreciate each other more instead. Practising gratitude can improvise your situation in a relationship. Your partner will never feel under-appreciated this way. If we are so quick to tell what we like, we should tell our partner what we don’t like as well.

Be real always

Building a bullet-proof relationship 16
Of course, relationships are not just about fairytales and romance. You won’t really live happily ever after, you would live angrily joyfully sadly ever after, yet live together. All relationships can get low and it can be frustrating, but take it as a learning experience. This will make you two stand by one another, for longer.
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