Check Out The Humorous Differences Between Men And Women

God created human beings of same species but two genders- men and women. Other than the basic physical difference, there are many differences. Every person has a unique personality but some traits can be generalized to the same gender. There are a few such difference depicted down here with a light humor, have a look.

Pain Tolerance

It is a fact that women are physically weaker than men. When it comes to injury, women tend to overreact to pain whereas men have an absurd reaction, the have a defiance of pain thinking it makes them look best.

Knowledge About Cars

It is known to the whole world that men are in love with cars. They know everything about them, what new model is launched, features and performance of every car and everything there is to know about. Whereas women think of a car only like a device for transportation.

Packing For Trip

Women start packing weeks or days before the trip. For them packing is all about organizing and not forgetting anything which may be required. Men do not care about packing, they will pack their things on the day of the trip or the night before.

Perception Of Their Body

Women see themselves uglier in the mirror. From a woman’s perspective, she would look herself in the mirror as fat, her butts will appear to be double the size. Men only see themselves as a bodybuilder in the mirror. Even a fat man will have six packs.


Women are very particular about the hairstyles. They give their hairdresser every instruction about they want to look. They don’t really get a haircut but just a little trimming and styling. Men grow their hair like a bush and then will have them cut short every couple of months.

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Wearing Nothing But A T-shirt

Women wearing nothing but just a t-shirt makes a man’s mind stop working. However, men wearing nothing but just a t-shirt will be the most horrifying sight.

After Fights

For men, fighting is something manly which is not understandable by mothers at home. So men tend to lie about any injury they got from fighting. On the other hand, women seek the assistance of their mother.


Women need a different look for every event. They have a different hairstyle for school, for shopping, for going out, for a party and for everything possible. Men have just one hairstyle. That’s right they have the same hairstyle no matter the place.

Love Between Friends

Women’s friendship is based on love and care. They love and care for their friend and say that to each other from time to time. For men, it is better to not bring love in friendship, it can make your questioned.

Check Him/Her Out

Men check out women a lot. Since they do it a lot, it can be expected they do it in a subtle way, but that’s not the case. It is very easy to know a man checking someone out, they do it in a very obvious way. It is hard to detect when a woman is checking some man out.

Picture Time

Women are capable of making a lot of different poses for pictures. They can have a lot of pictures with the same background and different poses. Whereas men are very bad at posing for pictures. They will have the same pose in every picture with different backgrounds.

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In The Face

Women and men have different reactions to getting hit by a ball in the face during sports. If a woman gets hit by a ball then she tends to start crying and the kicker will be apologizing and full of grief. If a man gets hit, then this makes their day, all the players will start laughing about it which may even cause the game to stop.

Similar Wear

If two women wear same outfits then its the beginning of the war, they will become enemies. If two men wear same outfits then they become best friends for life.

Getting Ready

Women take a lot of time to get ready. They spend a lot that time in deciding the dress they are going to wear then matching accessories, shoes, makeup calls for a lot of time. Men get ready quickly, they are considered abnormal if take more than 20 minutes.


Just like cars, computer and technology are also love of men. A man will know every software details, features, and everything related to his computer, every new technology launched in the market. Women are most likely to know just the color and company of their computer. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page