Check these two lines on your palm!

Let’s satisfy your curiosity. We have a quiz for you. You could decipher your love life and marriage with this quiz. Don’t we enjoy reading posts on palmistry? It’s time for you to put your hands together and fin two lines as shown in the picture. Check the length and height too. Are they similar? Try the possible variants mentioned below.

Credit: Pixabay

If the line of the left palm is at a higher height, you are a fighter when it comes to love. You won’t miss any chance to be with your loved one. You have passion in your soul. You are a kind pleasant person who can build a stable long lasting relationship.

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If the line on the right hand is at a higher height, you are rational in life. You abide by the terms- “Love is kind, and love is patient” Be sure you are an old soul if you believe in reincarnation!

Credit: BetterMe

If both lines align, it simply means that you are benevolent and kind at heart. You can be bruised easily as you are sensitive.

Credit: BetterMe

I hope this piece of information did answer few questions about your love life for you!

Credit: Pixabay



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