Choosing the perfect pair of jeans.

A wardrobe is somewhat empty if you don’t have a pair of denim. Lot of us love denim in different styles and colours. Some of you must have a huge fandom for jeans. You could be having jeans of different types and colours. Jeans is very comfortable clothing and is pretty versatile too. Hence, jeans could be a part of an ensemble you wear. So many types of jeans- skinny, flares, high waist, short, straight, so on and so forth. Jeans should be chosen correctly as they emphasise the figure.

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So what do you do when you find a fantastic pair of jeans, but you hardly have time to try them on? How do you escape from this dilemma of choosing a correct size? You should learn the art of navigating models, styles or some features with denim:

Wrap the jeans around your neck. If it works fine, this is your size.

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Know the width. How? Put the arm from the hand to elbow in the zipped jeans. It should fit easily.

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Know the length. Hold the edges of the denim and put your arms along the sides. The middle of the jeans should be below your chin.

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These hacks should let you choose the correct pair of denim. So how do you know whether your feet shall fit in? Put the fist into the jeans. It is your pair if your fist can move quickly.

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