Choosing the right hairstyle to complement your features

Choosing the right hairstyle to complement your features 1

When it comes to changing our look, we want to go for a hairdo. This is a predictable choice but still not a wrong one. So what can go wrong with a haircut? Yes, too many things. Unless you can chop it off, you will have to bear it for a couple of months. So what can you do, you may think. A face has many shapes, and specific hairstyles look right on it. So let’s talk about that today. Let’s get started.

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Oval shape

This shape is considered perfect since all proportions are beautiful. Any hairstyle goes with this shape. A middle length with gentle waves or bob haircuts looks excellent with this type of face.

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Round shape

Your face misses some angles and lengths, and hence you should opt for long straight hair. A side fringe works great, and a sad pony should look good.

Rectangle shape

There are too many angles, and you should try to soften them. Go for a fringe and pair it with long wavy hair or a short bob.

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Heart shape

A prominent chin, in this case, is something you need to draw attention from and hence choosing a middle length haircut with curls can be a great option.

Diamond Shape

There are too many angles in this face type which need smoothening. Short pixie hairdos work great for you or else go for a thick fringe with a side parting.

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Square shape

You will need to soften your corners. Try to cover the cheeks partially with a cute haircut; they should work the best for you.

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