Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them 1

If you have seen that post of pictures of beautiful celebrities without eyebrows (if not then google them now!), then you know for a fact that eyebrows are an essential part of our your pretty face. You can do all the right things, use all the correct products and apply flawless makeup skills, but neglect the eyebrows can never result in the look you desire. Taking care of eyebrows is as important as your face and other body parts. It is understandable that not everyone is born with perfect thick eyebrows, but that doesn’t mean that yours aren’t beautiful the way they are, and why else do we have makeup? An attractive eyebrow will make you look gorgeous and glamorous. However, many of us tend to make some mistakes that can entirely avoidable.

We are here to help you achieve flawless eyebrows. Remember, we all have different face shape and facial features so what works for someone may not work for you. Read along to find out where you’re going wrong and how you can fix that.

Mistake #1: Over-Plucking

Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them 2

We tend to sit with our tweezers in front of magnifying mirrors to get rid of some wild strays, or at least start with that intention, but end up over-plucking. So it is advised to pluck your eyebrows in dull lighting, and using a regular mirror. To fix the problem of thinning, overplucked brows, just restrain yourself from plucking them for a couple of weeks and let your hair grows naturally. There will be many occasions when you would be tempted to pick up your tweezers but have patience and let it grow out. You can tame the growing brows using gel or wax.

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Mistake #2: Over-Filling

Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them 3

It is your face we are talking about, not a children’s coloring book; you don’t want to like an animated character. Overfilling of brows creates a painted vision, and that steals the focus from rest of your beautiful face for all the wrong reasons. So, it is advisable to avoid the harsh and heavy-handed eyebrows and just stick to feather-like stroke after applying any color to your brows. Keep in mind; makeup is supposed to enhance what is already there, not hide it all behind the product.

Mistake #3: Identical Eyebrows

Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them 4

Even twin sisters and brothers aren’t a 100% identical looking, why would your eyebrows be? In our quest for making our brows as identical as possible, we end up plucking a little more on both sides than we initially intended to, resulting in scarily thin eyebrows. So it’s better to have nonidentical brows rather than having overly thin brows.

Mistake #4: Doing Eyebrows Makeup First

Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them 5

We commonly make the blunder of doing our eyebrows before the rest of the makeup. Notice how the complexion of your face after applying foundation looks different than before makeup, so it is advised to fill in brows after applying foundation to match your face complexion.

Mistake #5: Filling With A Darker Shade

Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them 6

When it comes to eyebrows, the natural they look, the more it complements your eyes and not steal the show with its funky out of place look. Hence, choose your shade as close to the natural color of your brows as opposed to filling them up excessively with a shade three times darker.

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Mistake #6: Starting Your Arch Wrong

Common Eyebrow Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them 7

The most important rule while doing brow makeup is that they should align it with the peak point of the nose, as demonstrated in the image above. The arches far from top bridge give your facial texture a more extensive look.  To follow this rule, you need a pencil and with the help of it line your brows vertically against the side of your nose and incline it away from your nose to the outer corner of your eye.