Copper eye makeup technique

Copper eye makeup technique 1

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Let us look at a copper eye makeup technique today!

Copper eye makeup

Product recommendation

  • VOV eyebrow powder
  • Lakme compact
  • Qianyu eye-shadow
  • Kajal- Elle 18
  • Hypercurl mascara- Maybelline
  • Eyeliner- Streetwear
  • Any black eyeshadow
  • Vega lash curlercopper eye makeup tutorial products
  1. Groom your eyebrows well and prime the eyes. Try making your brows thicker than usual using VOV 2 colour eyebrow set.
  2. Use golden eyeshadow and apply just below the brow bone. You could also go for a colour that is lighter than your skin tone. Try whitish gold instead of yellowish gold since the copper has to stand out better.

copper eye makeup tutorial (4)

3. Apply black eyeshadow in a slanting fashion as shown in the picture. Let it go a little over the crease at the exterior end.copper eye makeup tutorial (5)4. Dab some copper pigment on the inner side of the eyelid and leave some black towards outside.

copper eye makeup tutorial (6)5. Use a beige with a touch of bronze to even out any harsh lines. This will give depth too.

6. Draw a thin winged line using liquid eyeliner.

7. Apply kajal on the waterline and tightline.

8. Now curl the lashes to give a gorgeous touch.

copper eye makeup tutorial (7)9. Now apply some mascara.

10. With an eyeliner brush, use the copper pigment and apply it over the inner v and extend it towards the lower lashline.

copper eye makeup tutorial (8)

Voila! You are done.

copper eye makeup tutorial

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