Distinguish Between Genuine And Fake People By These 8 Traits

We all have met people who always behave nicely in front of us but have a different face behind are back. We can easily find people like these in our lives. There may be your fellow students who are just nice in front of the teachers; there may be your colleagues who are only nice to your manager. Don’t you feel that you need to stay a little away from them? Who knows what damage they may cause to you or your image?

These people are so sweet to you that it is tough to know whether they are actually that sweet or are they just being like that to your face. Don’t worry, read these easy ways to judge whether the person in front of is Genuine or Fake.

1.Regarding All or Few?

Genuine people believe in equality and selflessness. They don’t think of anyone inferior or superior to them. They regard and respect everyone without thinking about whether the person will be beneficial for them. Quite opposite are the Fake people, they believe in the concept of inferiority and superiority and are selfish. They choose people who will be of benefit to them and regard and respect only those people. Fake people are not nice to everyone but only with a few.

2.Serious or Offhand?

Genuine people are normally self-satisfied, they don’t need to please others for their satisfaction. They don’t need to always have a positive image in other’s mind. They are satisfied with what they are, what they have. On the other hand, Fake people have an urge to please others. They can do anything to impress others and have a positive impression.

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3.Alone or Group?

Genuine people don’t need anyone to be happy. They rather like to spend time alone fulfilling their dream and doing their work. They are well mixed in a group but don’t always need a company to enjoy their life whereas, Fake people need constant attention. They need to be in the centre, always have people around them paying them attention. They have to have a company in order to enjoy themselves and lead a happy life.

4.Humanity or Publicizing?

Genuine people are more likely to keep their life private. They don’t like telling everyone about their achievements or what are they up to. They don’t expect appreciation or approval for their work rather do what they are comfortable and satisfied with. But Fake people like to tell each and every one about their work, goals, and achievement in order to impress others and feel great about what they are doing.

5.On Your Face or Behind Your Back?

Genuine people talk directly to you about whatever they want to talk about. They are honest with you even it may hurt you at that time. They don’t fear to say anything to your face as they don’t have any purpose to flatter you. Fake people are afraid of talking to you. They go behind your back and spread negative talks about which may affect you and your image in front of others.

6.Will Do or Just Saying?

Genuine people care for other people and their feelings. Whatever they say matters for them. If they ever make a promise to you, they will do anything they can to keep their promise and make you happy. Fake people are selfish, they don’t really care for anyone other than themselves. Their promises cannot be trusted, they are most likely to break it. They will make every excuse possible to avoid doing something till there is something beneficial in it.

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7.Positive or Negative?

Genuine people like others to succeed along with them. They are not jealous of anyone so are ready to boost up others. They complement others for even a small achievement as they know their little compliment can make someone happy and encourage them. Fake people always try to pick out flaws from others and keep criticizing them for it until they feel terrible. They do this to make others feel inferior and superior to themselves.

8.Helpful or Selfish?

Genuine people are satisfied with what they are, what they have or what they can do. They are well aware of their capabilities. They don’t hesitate to help you with anything and are always there whenever you need them. Helping and making others feel happy makes them happy for others. Fake people do help others but only those people who have something beneficial to offer in return. Once they do something good, they won’t stop talking and telling others.

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