Dress According To Your Body Type

We cannot be models, we should admit. We want to look fit and gorgeous, no matter what. So what can be done in such a situation? We should accept our body the way it is; there is more beauty in it. Real girls are everything. So don’t get mad at yourself because your bust isn’t that extra. You are unique, and that’s what should make you feel special. Healthy eating habits could shape your lifestyle and work out too. Let’s have a look at the kind of outfits you should pick on based on your body type.

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You should make your waist look more distinguishing. Wear belts along with skirts, and heels for the right occasions.This will make you look taller.

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This one is a favourite amongst most ladies. This shape also indicates that you can gain weight very quickly. Flaunt your neck but hide those shoulders. This will make you look slim.

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When your thighs are more extensive than your shoulder width, you could try making your shoulders look full so that you could achieve a somewhat hourglass shape. Wear sleeveless dresses and t-shirts. They would look great on you!

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This shape makes you look more masculine. Wear puffy skirts and dresses to make the hips look more prominent. They should suit you beautifully. Vertical stripes will always make you look slender. Its a law of the universe and this way you would look amazing.

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