Dye your hair naturally!

Dye your hair naturally! 1

Do you want to change anything? How about dyeing your hair? Changing your appearance is not always good for your health. The dyes you get from stores are not great for the hair, and they can cause irritation, hair fall and some cancer types. Avoid using chemical products to stay healthy. How about natural dyes using some traditional methods?They are not only effective dyes but great for hair too.


Dye your hair naturally! 2

Fancy some ginger hair? It has lovely properties due to which the product gained fame. If you want red, maroon or orange hair, you should mix a cup of henna with two cups of lemon juice. Mix the liquid and let it soak for 4 hours. Apply it to the hair and leave it for two hours.


Dye your hair naturally! 3

The natural dye can stain your clothes and body too. Walnut shell scan gives hair an incredible brilliance and colour. Boil walnut powder for 30 minutes and let it cool before applying to the strands. Let it stay for one hour so that you achieve a lovely beautiful colour.


Dye your hair naturally! 4

For redheads, if you want to whiten out your hair, use chamomile tea and rooibos tea. Brew this tea do apply it to the strands for an hour.


Dye your hair naturally! 5

This can be used for achieving a subtle chocolate colour. Brew some coffee and apply it to the strands for one hour.


Dye your hair naturally! 6

For whitening your hair, add lemon juice to the hair for two hours and repeat thrice on a weekly basis.

Straightening your hair naturally


Dye your hair naturally! 7

Want a lovely bright red colour? Apply beet juice to the hair strands, and you will be amazed at the results!


Dye your hair naturally! 8

Decide the choice of hair colour and then choose a herb. Different herbs can form different dye colours. The Chamomile for whitening and cherry for red, rosemary for brown, so on and so forth.