Easy Hand and Nail Care DIY

Easy Hand and Nail Care DIY 1

hand and nail care at home

Don’t we all love the pedicures we get done on a monthly basis? Of course, it’s so much more tedious to get it done by yourself at home. But we do forget to care for our hands often. Why do we skip out on the regular manicure sessions though? It’s probably the expenses we are trying to cut down. Let me talk about a 10-minute manicure regime you could try at home once or twice a week.

You would need:

  • Warm water and a bowl to contain in ( wide enough to fit your hands)
  • Some good extra virgin olive oil
  • Body or face scrub
  • Cotton and nail paint remover
  • Nail cutter and file
  • Towel
  • Pusher and Cuticle Trimmer
  • A good moisturiser

Why use olive oil?

  1. It has great hydration abilities with anti-ageing properties. The oil is highly versatile and is affordable as compared to other products for beauty.
  2. The oil can heal dry hands or chapped skin. Soft hands can be achieved through the application of oil
  3. It can help treat weak nails and softens up the cuticles. They stay moist and give out a brilliant natural shine.

Now moving ahead with the procedure-

Use a nail paint remover to get rid of the nail polish with cotton.

nail paint remover

Trim off the extra length using a nail cutter. A file should be used to shape the nails as per requirement.file nails

Now apply some olive oil on each nail and hands. Massage it well for roughly about 2 minutes. Now massage on each nail individually, especially on cuticle region. To press the cuticles, use a trimmer.

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olive oils on nails

olive oils on nails

  1. Apply a small portion of scrub on the palm and dab few drops of water to massage the fingers, nails and hands for a good 3 minutes.
  2. Take the bowl of warm water and soak your hands for 3 minutes. Now scrub the oil off from the hands. This shall yield good results.

soak hands in warm water

  1. Take a towel to dry your hands up. Then moisturise the hands and nails. Wait for complete absorption before proceeding any further.

mosturizer on hands

Choose your favourite shade of nail-paint to finish off.
nail polish on nails


Manicuring twice a week or so with this procedure can help you get rid of flaky skin. It can help the damaged skin due to harsh conditions of the weather and make it shiny and supple to look at.

How do you maintain beautiful hands?

  1. Put on gloves while doing any house chores. It protects against harsh soaps, detergents etc
  2. Carry a moisturizer in your bag always. Use it often to keep hands soft.
  3. Use a chopping board to cut veggies instead of bare hands. It will prevent drying out of hands and also helps prevent cuts.

Do keep us posted on how well this worked out for you!