Expert Dermatologists talk about 10 skin-care secrets

Expert Dermatologists talk about 10 skin-care secrets 1

Hello everyone,

We are pretty aware of Indian skin care methods but let’s look at what the expert dermatologists have to say. The best-kept secrets are going to be out in no time from renowned facialists and dermats. Let’s go!


  1. Prevention of Breakouts


Stay away from any products that consist of benzoyl peroxide. Such skin care products can render your skin dry. This can cause the further production of sebum leading to breakouts.


  1. Keep away from additives

Expert Dermatologists talk about 10 skin-care secrets 2

Maintain some safe distance from skin care products. Especially products that contain alcohol or perfume should be avoided. Reaction or breakouts can be caused on the skin due to this.


  1. Keep an eye on proofs and certifications

What’s the point on spending so much cash on products that only cause damage to your hair or skin? Do good research before using any product on yourself. Go for reliant brands or products that others might have tried or tested.

  1. Do something about those puffy eyes


They give a bad appeal to your entire personality. Excessive fluid production can cause the body to make our eyes swell up. Choose eye care products that contain cucumbers or chamomile which are anti-inflammatory in nature.


  1. Cut down the cellulite

Expert Dermatologists talk about 10 skin-care secrets 3

After a nice bath, use cellulite cream which has caffeine as the primary agent. Apply with strong strokes to watch cellulite disappear away.

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  1. For fairer under-arms

Expert Dermatologists talk about 10 skin-care secrets 4

Aren’t we reluctant to wear sleeveless tops due to dark underarms? Opt for an appointment to get rid of this with a dermat. A Botox can help reducing blackness and helps eliminate sweat too.

  1. Heal blemishes and body burns

Getting rid of blemishes is a task in itself. Get away with the sweaty clothes and apply some mist of benzoyl peroxide over the body. Allow it to dry up before wearing dry clothes.


  1. Tightening the pores


Sleeping in a nice cold cosy room can surely benefit you. It will help shrink pores. Cold shrinks the body, and so does the pores.


  1. Oxygen Infusing

This practice is not really famous in India. Oxygen injections or supplements are the best if you are a bride to be. An instant glow can be achieved through this, and the skin looks much hydrated.

  1. For the brides


These ladies should take great care of their skin! Brides are advised to give up on dairy and yeast products for better radiance and boost of the skin.


That’s all! These were some amazing tricks from the dermats. Hope you try some of them soon in real life.