Eye Makeup Hacks That Every Beginner Needs To Know

It’s okay not to know certain things when you are about to use cosmetics for the first time. For the beginners out there who are still trying to figure out about their makeup, here are few tips that might help you.

1. Know Your Shape

Knowing your eye and eyebrow shape is essential before wearing makeup, just as it is necessary to know your body shape for the perfect shaped clothing. It makes it easy to use eyeliners, mascara, and eyeshadows.

2. Tilt Your Head Up While Applying Eyeshadow

Tilting your head up enables you to have a better view of how and where you are applying the eyeshadow. It is a usual thing that when your head is upright while applying eyeshadow, people tend to apply the shadow in the wrong place. Eyeshadows must always be applied below the shadow section of your brow bone.

3. Add A Highlight Under Your Brow

A celebrity makeup artist, Joanna Schlip says, “Brush on a powder highlighter above your eyebrow to give your eyes an instant lift, and below it to accentuate the eye”. If you are a person who feels confident with the extra light on their face, then go for it.

4. Apply A Light Base Of Eyeshadow

Our skin colours are different than one another, and this is the reason why certain eyeshadow colours do not pop out as you might have seen. To get a bright blend of colour (no matter what your skin colour is) use a lighter shade of eyeshadow as a colour wash before applying the darker colour.

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5. Also, Add Highlight To The Top Of Your Cheek

Gilbert Soliz, a Sephora makeup artist, says, “Use a shimmery liquid formula to create a check mark shape to highlight your cheekbones”. This might sound unusual, but it is to give the final touchup on the cheeks.

6. Use Light, Soft Strokes When Applying Eyeshadow

Make sure you use light, soft strokes while applying eyeshadow. Applying pressure or hard strokes might erase the shade of hues you are trying to apply.

7. To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger, Place Your Contour Higher Than Your Crease

Make sure you apply the contour above the crease. This is done so that your crease doesn’t blend with your dark eyeshadow.

8. Invert Your Eyelash Curler

Inverting eye curler makes it easy to curl your eyelashes till the end. It might be a little tough, but it ensures the best results.

9. Apply Two Coats Of Mascara Instead Of One

One coat of mascara looks light on your eyes. If you are planning to get ready for a special meeting or party, then put 2-3 coats of mascara.

10. Put Your Eyeliner Pencil In The Freezer Before Sharpening

Sounds weird? This is because putting the eyeliner pencil in the freezer makes the nip stronger. Stronger tips are more comfortable to sharpen, and moreover, it doesn’t ruin the pencil.

11. Dot Liner Before Spreading

If it is your first time applying the eyeliner, then try to dot out the lines before using the liner. This will avoid a mess, and the lines will also be perfect.

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12. How To Achieve A Perfect Cateye?

This is how to do it. Practice will make it perfect.

13. And Most Importantly

Be Yourself! It is all about what you like and how you portray your true-self to the world.