Facial massage technique to get a perfectly shaped face.

Facial massage technique to get a perfectly shaped face. 1

Let us have a look at the steps!

1. Tap the facial skin

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This will loosen the facial muscles. It will also increase blood flow and circulation in the face.

2.Strokes in an upward direction

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This lights the face and tightens the muscles well for glowing skin. Makeup does work but naturally, healthy skin will still be the best, no matter what.

3. Circular massage

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This will release anxiety and stress and help you release happy hormones. It also reduces wrinkles. Wrinkles occur when there is less collagen in the skin. Massages help to restore the count.

4.Massage Lymph And Neck

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This will give you complete relaxation and will help you avoid acne.

5.Chin and neck movements

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This helps in reducing double chin and it is the best way to tighten the skin.

6. Zig-zag movements on the forehead

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This reduces the wrinkles forming on the forehead. It stimulates collagen production and avoids the formation of wrinkles in that area.

7.Circular movements about the eyes

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This helps to reduce puffy eyes. This can occur when you apply a lot of makeup or if you sleep less. This massage can definitely help in reducing the puffiness if not the complete elimination.

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8. Press the pressure points

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This helps to relax the body which is ideal before you get to bed.

10. Tap and clap method


This will give your skin the excess oxygen and nutrients it needs.

Drink water each day before and after the message. It will keep your skin hydrated and the toxins will be released outside the body more easily. Do it for 20 minutes daily to be free of acne and wrinkles.