Getting rid of fungal nail infections

Getting rid of fungal nail infections 1

We prefer a salon manicure or pedicure more than a home remedy. Nail fungus can be induced due to tools that are not sterilised. It’s not just salons. We can contract fungal infections due to public pools. Shower rooms, sports gyms, etc. Micro-organisms can enter the skin due to small cuts. A huge variety of fungi can lead to this disorder. The common ones include epidermophyton, candida, Microsporum, etc.

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If your nails are often moist due to over sweating or due to wrong ventilated shoes, you can have nail fungus. Having diabetes, circulation troubles and a weak immune system can increase onychomycosis. This infection prefers more toes than fingernails. Nail fungus cant is identified until the nail becomes thick enough to restrict certain movements.

The nail becomes yellow, fragile, thick and crooked. This infection could also cause an odour which is rather unpleasant. The nail ould come off the nail bed too at times. A fungal infection can be diagnosed by scraping and microscopic examination.

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It is not simple to rid this problem away. Let’s look at methods which can prove to be effective for treating nail fungus.

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The first line of treatment is oral medication. For suppressing fungus and for healthy nail growth, terbinafine and itraconazole work wonders. The benefits last for a lot of months after consuming the pills.


These remedies are less efficient than pills. If you have certain restrictions on pills, this can help. Ketoconazole, ciclopirox, butenafine, etc. are few of the anti-fungal creams. The course lasts for four months approximately, depending on the type of fungi.

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Scrape and soften

If applied to a softened are, the topical medicines work better. To make the affected area mollified, use urea paste. Apply this to the finger and cover with plaster for 24 hours. Wash this paste away and then scrape the nail gently.


A doctor would recommend a nail removal surgery with an application of specific anti-fungal ointments. It takes a year or more to make this nail grow properly.


This is one of the modern methods. A laser beam permeates the nail tissue treating the infection. Never ignore the nail fungus even if there is no pain and discomfort. The fungus could spread and lead to bacterial infection if left untreated. Consult your doctor to detect this in the early stages and to opt for an effective treatment.

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