Habits to slow down the ageing process.

Habits to slow down the ageing process. 1

Ageing is inevitable, you cant help it. We can get rid of getting od, but we can do few things to look older beforehand. Working out and eating right definitely benefits but there are some habits we should look into. Some habits can be harmful to our skin, and we should make sure that we refrain from it, completely. So lets cut down the teasing and let’s take a look.

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Sleep position


For those of you who love sleeping on their stomach will have to face dark circles and general swelling too.


Sunglasses have a purpose much beyond the added decor to your face. To save the tender skin around the eye from the sun and to postpone wrinkles, keep your shades on when its a sunny day.

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Eating habits

Try not to chew along one side. Your face might become asymmetrical.


Don’t talk while holding the phone between the shoulder and ear. If you don’t want additional neck wrinkles, gift yourself a headset or use the phone by holding it in hand.

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Phone checks

If you are strolling down some feed or searching some feed, keep your head lifted up instead of looking down.

Chin on your hand

Forget about holding your hand while reading if you want to avoid premature wrinkles.


Frowning, believe it or not, leads t deeper wrinkles.

Hot shower

Use warm water always. Hot showers take away your upper skin layers and cause dryness.

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Air conditioner

When it’s too hot outside, AC is nice. It also takes away the humidity from the air which shall affect the skin in terrible ways.

Silk pillow covers

They are lovely to touch and cause less friction too. So it prevents skin damage to some extent.

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