Hacks to help grow eyelashes!

Its natural to decorate our eyes in beautiful ways as our eyes are windows to our soul. Arent our eyes all unique, but that’s not true for everyone’s lashes, right? Men don’t desire eyelashes as most of them are blessed with fabulous eyelashes already. Due to the generation in which we live in, we can treat all of our problems well. So many mascaras and extensions in the market, and we can’t get enough of it. So how do you make your lashes look gorgeous without adding something artificial to it!

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Mother nature cannot be cruel. Even if she hasn’t given you great lashes, she has given us the ingredients to improvise on the situation. So let’s look at three surprising secrets to make our lashes look gorgeous without any extensions as such.

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This is pretty simple. Coconut oil and Vitamin E can make your lashes grow beautifully. Mix the two and apply the mix overnight. They will become longer in no time.

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This is something which can be found in every kitchen. Olive oil! Its an excellent stimulant for the growth of hair. Let them grow quickly with the regular application!

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Vaseline is one great nourishing agent as well. You will be amazed by the results, and its regular use will make your lashes healthier. Mascara should always be washed before sleeping, however! It’s not that difficult to care for your lashes, but you need to be attentive enough towards it to watch it grow beautifully.

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