Hacks to look fresh and glowing all day

Hacks to look fresh and glowing all day 1

Women love to look gorgeous without shelling a lot of beauty products. There are tricks which can make your life easier when it comes to beauty, and they save a lot of time too. The 21st century has ladies that are always on the move but want to look pretty. So we have listed few tips for you to be able to feel fresh and attractive. So here are 11 hacks to make you look gorgeous. Scroll down!

Hacks to look fresh and glowing all day 2



Sun exposure can be very harsh o your skin during all seasons. Skin is thinner on the face than elsewhere, so you should use special Uv creams.

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Hands are constantly in sight, and they are the most unprotected parts of our body. Men look at the women’s hands a lot. So tender hands with a velvety touch indicate youth.

Dry skin

The products used for treating ace dry the skin out. So don’t forget to moisturise as it may produce more sebum which will create more pimples than you ever wish for.

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Tak good care of your neck as the cleavage area can indicate the age of a lady. So in the arsenal of beauty creams that you own, cream for your neck and cleavage should be a priority.

Ice cubes

Move ice cubes along the middle of the forehead and wings of the nose to the temples and the corners of the mouth to the centre of the chin to the earlobes. Ru the upper eyelids, cleavage and neck area. Never leave the ice in a place for beyond 2 seconds, or you might get facial hypothermia instead f the great impact.

Daily Skin Care Tips That Will Make You Look Younger.

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Fresh beauty products

Beauty products have expiry dates and storage rules too. So pay close attention when you buy. The release date, the expiry date is mentioned explicitly on the package.

Wipe the phone screen

You do your phone several times a day to your face even if you use headphones the other times. When you search for the hone in the bag, you touch the phone, and then you might reach the face. So the bacteria will shift to your face and may cause the dirt to provoke reactions on the skin.

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During breakout of acne, use ako=ins to wipe the face instead of towels. Sponges should be a big NO.

Massage the face

Start having an anti-age massage as soon as you cross 25. You will make the folds on the skin, less visible by doing so, and it shall also prevent wrinkles.

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Clear face

Caring for the skin begins in the bathroom. You can build an array of products to care for your skin, but if you don’t have a good skin cleaning regimen, it’s worthless.

Take the bra off

Wearing a bra at night will make you feel uncomfortable and will cause sweating too. You should be relaxed while in bed, so take it off.

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