Hair regrowth by homemade remedies

Hair regrowth by homemade remedies 1

You can make your regrowth hair oil!

Are you finding hair everywhere right from cushion covers to the drainage in the bath? I have been reading several hair regrowth articles and now with some experience let me share some favourite recipes with readily available oils. I hope this benefits anyone who reads this.

Hair regrowth by homemade remedies 2

You will require:

  • Coconut Oil ( around 80 ml)
  • Almond Oil( around 80 ml)
  • Castor Oil( around 25 ml)
  • Capsules of Vitamin E ( 5 in number)
  • Lavender oil( About 5 ml)
  • Aroma magic stimulate oil ( 10 ml)

What are the benefits?

Almond helps in the softening and makes hair more manageable. Also makes the hair stronger, i.e. less prone to breakage. There is more noticeable hair growth when there is less breaking of hair.

Hair regrowth by homemade remedies 3

Coconut oil is best when you warm it a little before usage for excellent hair growth. The massage can help stimulate some proper circulation of blood in the scalp making the follicles absorb the nutrients provided by the oil.

Hair regrowth by homemade remedies 4

Castor oil has omega-9 fatty acids which are great for moisturising and preventing a dry scalp. Regular application on scalp and roots eliminates the growth of dry hair and promotes excellent growth too. It encourages thickening and prevents any damage.

Vitamin E can help with the split ends and keeps the hair vibrant as ever. It may help with the early greying of hair. It can help with the growth of capillaries promoting better circulation of blood throughout the scalp.

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Hair regrowth by homemade remedies 5

Aroma magic lavender oil helps in combating hair fall and improves the growth of hair. You could also get rid of an itching scalp and dandruff-like problems through this oil. It is an antiseptic which can disinfect the scalp altogether, treating lice, lice eggs, nits etc.

Hair regrowth by homemade remedies 6

How do you make it?

  1. The three oils should be mixed thoroughly first. Namely- almond oil, coconut oil and castor oil.
  2. Dropwise; add the aroma magic lavender oil.
  3. Dropwise, add the aroma magic stimulate oil
  4. Slice the Vitamin E capsules and pour it into the mix and shake well.
  5. Store in a dark and cold place.


Massage your scalp every alternate day before hitting the bed for 15 minutes.

Use a hair steamer the next day for better oil penetration into the hair shaft.

Use your favourite shampoo to cleanse the hair.

 You could use these products to for quicker results:

  • Herbal hair packs
  • Herbal containers
  • Herbal conditioners
  • Sahul hairina nutrient capsule