Hair Smoothening Techniques: Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding

Hair Smoothening Techniques: Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding 1

Doesn’t every girl want hair that looks flawless and attempts hard to achieve good lustrous locks? We go for hair treatments like keratin and rebounding for the same. Don’t you get confused between the two? So let’s get started with the comparison of keratin vs rebonding to understand the fundamental differences so that it helps you decide the best shortly!

Hair Smoothening Techniques: Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding 2

So what is keratin treatment?

Hair Smoothening Techniques: Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding 3

This treatment helps in freeing unruly hair to give a frizz-free smooth, shiny effect, which is hard to resist. Keratin treatment does marvels to hair as our hair naturally does contain keratin but this treatment specifically replenishes the lack of the contents of the hair strands. Keratin makes one’s hair straighter and easier to style as it smoothens out the hair. It adds back the lustre to the dull, dry locks making hair look so much more lively.

Keratin and its Pros:

  • Hair becomes lustrous and shinier
  • No major side effects can be seen
  • Natural protein is restored in the hair and does not alter their structure chemically
  • Hair is much easier to manage and stylize

Keratin and its Cons:

  • Visiting a novice fro treatment may lead to infections or itching
  • Can be expensive
  • One has to spend on aftercare products which add on to the total treatment cost
  • Should be done by an expert only
  • Regular salon visits are necessary for touch-ups. So for someone busy, one has to skip several scheduled treatments
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And what is rebonding?

Hair Smoothening Techniques: Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding 4

A much milder version of keratin, rebounding works on the same plane and helps to achieve those smooth, shiny locks of hair. Rebounding, however, is a chemical treatment. It makes one’s hair give a beautiful sheen and makes hair sleeker. One needs to touch-up the hair roots, so when they grow out, the hair does not show different textures and appear messy.

Rebonding and its pros:

  • Makes hair look smooth and sleek
  • Cuts damage to one’s hair caused by regular ironing
  • Hair looks well-managed and frizz-free
  • Is cheaper than keratin and requires lesser salon visits for touch-ups

Rebonding and its cons:

  • It may alter the structure of hair due to use of chemicals
  • Hair will eventually be damaged due to over-done rebounding
  • Hair might form kinks if the treatment is not done the right way.
  • Can make one go through hair fall problems due to the chemicals used in the treatment.

Differences between Keratin and Rebonding Treatments :

Keratin replenishes the natural protein that is lacked by the hair strands due to a harsh life in today’s scenario whereas rebonding concentrates on altering the hair structure to make it sleek straight.

Another surprising fact would be that rebonding lasts for a little bit longer as compared to keratin and requires lesser touch-ups. Keratin does require frequent salon visits and is expensive too!


That’s a lot for today, ladies. Hope this shall help!