Have a look at these 4 workout tips!

Have a look at these 4 workout tips! 1


All of us are unique and so what might work for your friend wouldn’t work out for you. Something similar happens when it comes to your diet and workout style. There are four body types, and you should look into the weight loss plan based on the same.

So what are these types and what is so peculiar about them? So many questions, right. You don’t have to research anymore as we got you! Try making our piece of advice to work, and you would see miracles in no time.

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Delicate body type

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If your body is rectangular shapes, you should work hard to get that waist defined. You will require power training to get rid of the belly. Don’t miss out on the diet plan. You should consume more carbs and less protein. Say goodbye to pastries and sweets. Milk in adequate amounts and raw food is permitted.

Curvaceous body type

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If your body is pear-shaped, the best time to workout for you is morning or later in the afternoon. There are many things you should avoid. Stay away from butter, cream, vinegar, chocolate and pasta. Consume more fruits and veggies. Non-fat proteins can be consumed in more significant amounts too.

Artistic body type

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If your body is hourglass shaped, you need group workouts and dancing. The afternoon is the best time for you to work out. Give up on alcohol, caffeine, sugar and bread. Have more greens, animal proteins (low fat) and dairy.

Lean body type

If your body is apple shaped, you should do more of swimming. Or you could try aerobics or possibly jog. Don’t have meat when it comes to your diet. Have less butter and time to say tata to chocolates too.

Ginger with its all glory can be a real life saver.

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