Have combination type of skin? Here are 7 face packs you should try.

Hey ladies,

How are you doing? Let me share some ideas today with all of you fabulous readers; it shall undoubtedly help. There are fur skin types- oily, dry, normal, combination. All these types need different types of care. The care or oily skin won’t be the same as the dry, so on and so forth. Let’s discuss some home remedies for combination type of skin.

So what exactly is “combination skin”?

Having combination skin type means that your skin is both oily and dry. The t zone usually is oily while the cheeks are normal to dry. So let’s look at some homemade packs, they are natural, healthy and affordable.

  1. Lemon Juice with honey

Squeeze some lemon juice into one spoon of honey to form a paste. Keep this pack on for 15 minutes. Lemon can remove the tan whereas honey helps to moisturise the skin. It’s great for combination skin.


  1. Curd with rosewater

Add rosewater and honey to a spoon of curd. Mix it well and then apply the paste. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then wash the face. Curd helps restore moisture whereas rosewater tones the skin.


  1. Curd and Oats

Oat can make a great scrub and can remove dead skin cells along. Grounded oats with curd can make a great scrub which could be applied to the face. Concentrate more on the T-zone rather than the cheeks. Massage smoothly and wash it off with water.


  1. Lemon and Banana

Lemon can fight the oiliness away whereas banana makes up for a great moisturiser. Mash bananas, dab in some lemon juice and mix well to form a fine paste. Apply this to the face. Let it stay until dry, before washing it off.

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  1. Honey and Cucumber

This one works beautifully for combination skin type. Extract some juice from the cucumbers and then add some honey. Mix it well. Apply the mix to the face and let it dry thoroughly. Now wash it off with cold water.


  1. Banana and Egg whites

Egg whites are great for hydrating the skin. It can tighten the skin, whereas bananas can help moisturise the skin. Put mashed bananas into egg whites. Add this to the t zone first and then the rest of the areas of the face. After 10 minutes, wash it off.


  1. Cucumber, Milk powder and Curd

This pack is great for summers as it gives you a refreshing effect. Mix cucumber juice, curd and milk powder. Apply this mix on the face. Wait for it to dry before washing it away. It will lighten and brighten the skin.


Try using these packs at least once a week to see marvellous changes happening to your skin in no time.
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